About Us


Our founders have over 26 years of playing experience!  We are not only pickleball players - we strive to grow the game!  Here are some of our founders' accomplishments in growing the sport of pickleball:

  • 2005 - Steve Wong and several friends (Mark Friedenberg, Fran Myer, Barney Myer, Lela Reed, Phil Mortenson, Erne Perry, Carole Myers, Dennis Duey, Earl Hill and Norm Davis - http://www.usapa.org/history-of-the-game/) and pickleball lovers created the USAPA.org (USA Pickleball Association).  Steve started as the webmaster and Vice President.
  • 2005 - Steve Wong co-founded S-Type Sports, LLC which later became Onix Sports, Inc.
  • 2009 - Steve Wong participated in the first Pickleball National Tournament.
  • 2011 - Steve Wong created the Surprise Pickleball Association and led a movement to get permanent city courts created.
  • 2011 - Steve Wong became the first Pickleball Professional (Pro) by touring the USA and promoting the game.  He did clinics Nationwide.  He taught many pros that became successful in their pickleball careers.
  • 2012 - Steve Wong co-directed the USAPA National Pickleball Tournament.
  • 2017 - Steve Wong co-founded Topp Pickleball, Inc. with a new mission to provide quality products and services to enhance the game of pickleball while making a difference and donating a portion of the proceeds to chartible organizations.